Great Apps for Teachers

With so many great apps for teachers out there, I thought I’d share a screenshot of what we have in our ‘teacher’ folder on our school iPads. Now these aren’t exclusive to teachers however, most of these are grouped according how well they increase productivity in a teacher’s life. I have also included a short summary of what each one is good for. Enjoy!

TeacherPal: This is an app for recording absences and grading students using a cute snapshot of each student’s face. It’s fantastic for keeping track of your student’s progress and organising classes.

Australian Curriculum: For all updates and drafts of the Australian Curriculum.

Penultimate: An accurate and intuitive note taking app that allows you to share your notes with others easily.

Whiteboard: Teachers can use this blank whiteboard across multiple devices allowing students to view and access the same content. Good for think-pair –share and brainstorming activities.

Prezi Viewer: Teachers can use this app in conjunction with splashtop to present their prezi presentations from around their room. One can’t create prezi’s only view them and present with them.

Khan Mobile: The ever growing Khan Academy has released an app that requires you to download educational instructional videos to your device. Great for further explanation when yours flies over your students heads.

School A to Z: Produced by NSW Dept of Education – this app has lots of in app resources for teachers and students – it has demonstrations, fact sheets, related topics/activities – this is a top app and NSW curriculum oriented!

iBrainstorm: Collaboration is the key! iBrainstorm allows students and teachers to share on a common blackboard if within the wireless network. Users can share ideas using post-its and writing allowing for greater collaboration.

Mobile Teacher (Mathletics): Teachers can use this app to set and monitor their classes Mathletics.

Clickview Live: Simply provide the IP address or server name and access all your clickview videos. Great for small group work and accessing different video’s on the same topic and rotating groups.

TED: Technology, Entertainment and Design – Live educational presentations/lectures/videos – Enough said!

PLAY: A list of PDHPE warm up games, activities and cool down stretches for those spur of the moment active lessons or structured PDHPE lessons.

G-Whizz: Need to organise all your Google functions – this app does it for you! Effective tabs for quick multi-tasking and access makes this app a must for all your Google needs.

Screen Chomp: Allows students to create their own instructional, educational videos like the Khan Academy. Share through the website, email or social media.


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    • Thanks, and you are able to access your PC from ayenhwre as long as it is on or at least in a mode that you can wake up. If you lived in California and went to Florida for the week you could get on Splashtop and use your computer. If it is on.

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