Flipboard! From Chaos to Gorgeousness

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Ever wanted to turn your daily social network feeds into an organised, visually beautiful magazine? Now you can with Flipboard! On entering the app, you are asked to enter your Twitter details, Facebook details and any other blogs or media you want to subscribe to and follow. Once this step is done, it will aggregate and organise 9 of your chaotic updates and feeds into one attractive, browsable, digital magazine. YOU create the sections, YOU choose the feeds and YOU organise the information the way YOU want. That’s part of the beauty of this app. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to communicate through the app on Twitter or Facebook links but it still allows you to share articles and feeds with others.

Flipboard is a wonderfully innovative app that takes your personalised feeds to the next level allowing you to read articles and updates seamlessly so you are constantly at the forefront of all breaking news when it arrives. It’s glossy and gorgeous interface isn’t too shabby either.

The Staffroom’s rating: Listed as one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions of 2010, downloading this app is a no-brainer!


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