About Me

My name is Aiden Levy and as a Year 6 teacher I am inspired everyday by what I see from my students. The way they interact with the program and content and the interpersonal relationships that are fostered motivate me to be the best teacher I can be. I love to constantly evaluate my programs and lessons in order to increase the integration of technology and at the forefront of my mind, the iPad and its application in the classroom.

Ready, Set, Blog!

Welcome to StaffroomHQ! I am very excited to be starting my first edublog. My blogging career actually started at the beginning of the year when I took a trip to Colombia. With the intention of interacting with my Grade 6 students while I was away, I set up a blog to share my experiences, feelings and emotions. I loved writing about my adventures and eagerly awaited replies or comments on my posts. What I realised was that the blog became a reflecting tool. An avenue for me to process what I has seen and done and it ultimately made my traveling experience richer. After this revelation the goal of my blog had suddenly become clear. To share my thoughts, reflect on my teaching, evaluate my practice and open your eyes to a fresh and engaging approach to integrating technology in the classroom. Hopefully I will live up to my expectations of sharing quality resources, a clear and guided application of them in the classroom as well as my thoughts and reflections on my everyday teaching.

The Beginning…

I am a digital native. I was brought up with technology at my fingertips and Ninja Turtles as my heroes but I know many of you are thinking “Where do I begin?” – well look no more! This blog will offer you guidance and sure fire ways to help you integrate technology in your classroom with resources and reflections on a plethora of techno tidbits. One word of advice, don’t take on more than you can handle. It can feel deeply overwhelming at times, believe me I have felt it too, but by taking small steps, trying things out one at a time, you will begin to feel more capable and comfortable amongst a new generation of teachers (and who knows, you might even show them a thing or two!).

And lastly…

Personal and professional growth is vastly enhanced by collaboration and in saying that this is as much a learning experience for me as it is for you so feel free to comment, correct and share anything you feel. I will undoubtedly make mistakes and am too stubborn to admit it!

Teach with an open mind and inspire!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @staffroomhq

See you at ‘StaffroomHQ


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