Bringing H.S.I.E Home with iMovie

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iMovie’s new ‘trailer’ function is unreal! I love the arranged themes with their respective musical scores. Additionally, iMovie is so easy to use, anyone can make something brilliant!

When I think about integrating the iPad, my considerations include: the outcomes of the unit of work (as per the syllabus), what I want the students to produce and how technology can assist in this project and students learning.

This term, my grade 6’s have been exploring notable Australians, each focusing on 1 Australian and writing a biography about their notable. Paired with this writing task, the students had to create a persuasive text inviting parents and students in the school to join us on the ‘Day of Notables’. This is where iMovie Trailers came in. The students were put in groups and given a quick demonstration of how to use the trailer function of iMovie. These are the steps we used to integrate the iPad with this project:

  1. Explore the differences between notability and fame.
  2. Look at global notables (people in the world from any time period) who contributed to the world.
  3. Discussed local notables – looking at who they could do.
  4. Writing proposals in order to convince us why their person is significant and what they have contributed to society.
  5. Once approved, students begin researching and writing their biography (paired with explicit writing lessons on the language features and grammatical features of a biography).
  6. Students create trailers persuading parents and students to the ‘Day of Notables’.
  7. Students adapt their biographies to a first person speech in order to present as their notable.
  8. ‘Day of Notables’ – interactive museum set up in school hall with each student presenting their notable to the grade/parents.

iMovie is functional and so easy applied across the curriculum there’s no excuse not to use it!


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