iPads and Text Types – a match made in heaven!

Courtesy of Flickingerbrad

Some people have asked me “how do I integrate the iPad into my English classes?” I respond by providing some iPad related tasks that link and work well with the text types taught in Australian primary schools.

Text types linked with iPad related tasks include:

Explanation: Using reference apps to discover and uncover the mysteries of the world for example the How Stuff Works app (used in conjunction with hands on, investigative research in class). Creating podcasts on Garageband/ QuickVoice or instructional/explanatory videos using Screenchomp/ShowMe is a great way to share a explanation.

Discussion: Radio interviews are a great way to create a discussion. First writing following the text type structure then recording the discussion using 2 guests, 1 host on Garageband.

Narrative: Scribble press, Puppetpals, Toontastic, etc – storyboarding, writing narratives then narrating a story and creating a digital narrative using one of these apps.

Information report:  Firstly, using the iPad’s many reference apps (brainpop, wikipedia, natgeowalk) or connecting apps (skype, twitter, facebook) or browsing the internet for research followed by content creation using Apple apps (Pages, Keynote, etc).

Courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Procedure:  Creating a step by step procedure using Comicbook!, Screenchomp, Skitch or Viz will work wonders here as they offer great capability for static and interactive instructional guides.

Exposition: Looking at adverts on SMH/The Age app and analysing effective ads – designing and creating persuasive texts using ShowMe (instructional videos), iMovie (for filming and editing TV ads) or Skitch/Viz for stills. Written persuasive texts can also be done on Pages.

Recount: Mindmap a sequence of events using the Popplet app followed by content creation on Pages, Keynote or any other creating app.

For more great English apps that lend themselves to text type writing, check out Apps in Education or Appitic.


7 thoughts on “iPads and Text Types – a match made in heaven!

  1. Reblogged this on Digital: Divide and Conquer and commented:
    This post effectively lays out simple apps which can be used across all elementary grade levels BUT it is easy enough for teachers to understand and integrate (and maybe try out).

    Make sure you click on some of the Apps
    names (links).

    • if you ever ran a seminar for teachers about how to use all the apps you refer to I’d be there!

      • Thanks Nicky! And if the opportunity arose, I’d run one! We can’t simply state great apps for learning and teaching, we have to know how to integrate them effectively into our teaching.

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