Fractions, Decimals and iPads – Integrating the iPad in Primary Maths

What is ‘Real Maths‘? – when I took a poll of what students thought ‘real maths’ was, they told me  that it included graphs, functions, algebra, worksheets or working by myself.  I’ve just finished another mini-project with my Grade 6 Maths class and it’s been another successful integration of the iPad. The mini-projects involve the students planning, calculating and creating around the different Mathematics strands. Which in my mind is the REAL MATHS!

Mini-project 1: Cost Analysis

This involved the students choosing a product of their choice and analyzing the mean price, the median, the mode (the most popular product ) and the price range. This paired nicely with the basic operations of whole numbers and decimals. Here is a work sample from 2 of my students.

Cost Analysis – Chairs

Mini-project 2: Heart Rate Measure

This was a fantastic project allowing the students to apply basic operations of multiplication and division as well as science idea of the heart rate and circulatory system. The students had to measure their heart rate at rest, after a jog and after a sprint and calculate their bpm (beats per minute), beats per hour, per day and per year. Least to say the numbers were huge! After this I asked them to calculate the amount of blood for each of those time frames at a rate of 60ml’s per beat.

Mini-project 3: Fractions Recipe

Students choose a food to cook and write a recipe on how to cook it. The students have to create the recipe to feed 2 people, 16 people and 54 people. This way they are multiplying fractions and showing equivalence. They must also convert their fractions to decimals and percentages in their recipe.

These mini-projects cover numerous strands in Mathematics. Additionally, by blending KLA’s (Key Learning Areas), students get exposure to real life maths tasks and ultimately their perceptions change about what ‘real maths‘ is.


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