“What do you mean I can interact with your resume ?” – 21st CENTURY RESUMES

When going into any job interview, you are sure to be asked by the interviewer for your resume. Imagine giving him/her your iPad. Why? Your future employers have attention spans like you do so why not cater to that and blow them away with a resume of the 21st century, an INTERACTIVE RESUME!

Writing a great resume doesn’t have to follow a format. Your unique, one-of-a-kind self marketing tool should be well written and formatted appropriately to make you stand out as a superior candidate for your job.

With the Mac app, iBooks Author (and now Adobe InDesign CS5), one can create interactive textbooks from existing templates. What if you used that idea of interaction with media in a textbook to create an interactive resume!


Can you imagine the look on your interviewer’s face when you hand them your iPad to show them your resume and they can instantly interact with:

  • Content about your teaching history
  • Images/cartoons of you teaching (using the camera or comicbook! app)
  • Screencasts of your ideas for the position (using the ShowMe app)
  • Keynote outlining your philosophy on teaching(using Keynote app)
  • Videos of you in the classroom (using the camera app or an external camera)

Your resume interactives should be complemented with text and should still be written formally.

An interactive resume is the perfect way to sell yourself and put yourself ahead of others in the interview process. You want your resume to stand out from the rest so by highlighting skills, education and work experience, your resume will demonstrate and show the interviewer those strengths.

At the end of the interview, you can ask your potential employer if they would like it emailed to them and in what format. I guarantee they’ll be mighty impressed!


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