Headaches with your iPad Deployment? Check out how

Progress – the development in a direction considered more beneficial to a previous level is the way I would aptly describe our current state of technology. It’s exciting to be part of it!

JAMF software recently offered a session for users of their mobile device management server called ‘CASPER’. It was great to chat to school representatives in a similar situation. It was unanimous Apple’s Volume Licensing (or lack of…in Australia) was frustrating and in fact, slowing the revolution down.

I was blogging in real-time as our mobile device management server (MDM) was being installed and set up. My colleague and I were learning how to use the program in order to enable a more efficient iPad management system in our school. It offers us:

JSS – Notes to consider if you’re rolling out iPads

  • Active Directory – Once an iPad leaves the Wifi network the personal settings are applied – when on the school network, the school settings are applied. This is a fantastic!
  • Push Notification Cert. needs to be purchased 6 weeks before set up as it takes time to generate.
  • Need to enroll each device manually – input the Casper admin details into safari and follow the prompts OR send out enrollment invitations – so easy for enrolling staff with their own accounts
  • Create ‘Configuration’ profiles and push them out to all devices in the inventory. This makes things sooo much easier!

Things to consider:

Each student in upper primary to take home their device, load their own apple ID and are given an iTunes gift card to install apps that the school pushes out. This way, parents manage the devices.


School distributes email addresses and keeps all devices. We also install all apps – this way everything is managed internally (volume licensing must be considered).

If you are a school who are deploying or have deployed iPads and are currently managing them effectively, I would love to chat to you – please get in touch! Twitter: @staffroomhq email: aidenlevy@gmail.com


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