Paperless Parent/Teacher Interviews!

I first tried to use my iPad to conduct my parent/teacher interview (P+T’s) last year when I realised that I didn’t need to write down a wealth of notes on each students and then fiddle around their desks or the shelves looking for work samples. Now if you’re like me and you do things the ‘whole hog’, your P+T’s will be as extensive and detailed. I provide information on English, Maths, Science/HSIE and Social or General notes. Here’s a way to make your P+T interview paperless using your iPad.

Click image to download

The ‘Dropbox’ Way:

  • Set up a Dropbox account and link your school computer with your iPad.
  • Create a folder for each student in your class and label them as your students name.
  • In each of these student folders, save the word document ‘P+T Outline 2012‘ as the student name.
  • To get work samples, while the students are working or at any time leading up to your P+T’s, take a photo of your student’s work and save upload it into your Parent/Teacher Dropbox folder.
  • When conducting your interview, turn off the auto sleep function so you can work through all the interviews as well as the sounds (there’s nothing worse than clicks and taps through an interview)!


The ‘Evernote’ Way:

Click image to download

  • Set up an Evernote account and link your school computer with your iPad.
  • Create a ‘Parent/Teacher Interview’ folder
  • Proceed to create ‘Tags’ for each student using their name.
  • Write your notes about a student and tag them by entering their name in the ‘Tag’ headline (this will link the current note to the particular student you’ve tagged).
  • The best part is the next step – take photo’s, audio and video and embed it into the note so you have everything you need for your P+T interview on that single note!


Voila! You can now conduct your parent/teacher interviews on your iPad!


Good Luck!


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