13 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Evaluate your School iPad Program + Sample Evaluation Form

  1. Good shout. What we really need is a for some sort of vetting of education apps. I bet there will be tonnes of teachers reviewing the same apps and finding them crap or inappropriate.
    A teacher in my school downloaded the 100 top apps and ended up only using 5 of them.
    And I sort of worry when I’m reading reviews that people are posing as teachers to promote their own apps so I don’t trust them. It would be great to have a trusted number of reviewers that could categorize the best apps out there and who they are best suited to. Does this already exist??

    • You’re absolutely right! My colleagues and I are forever trawling through the app store for decent apps for education. What we found was a whole lot of rubbish so rather than that, we have a selection of websites (some of which are in my blog roll) that we use. Additionally, one website which is fantastic is http://www.appitic.com where they have organised apps into Key Learning Area, Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences.

      Good luck!

  2. Do you see much of a role for apps that encourage collaborative learning?

    Check out, http://www.interface3.com for apps that have good educational content.
    There isn’t many but a lot of work has gone into working with teachers and children to put these together. They’ve got one called ‘I have, who has’ and it is aimed at collaborative learning and it could do with some improvements but there is definitely potential there. It would be a shame if iPads made children’s learning more isolated, don’t you think?

    • The idea of collaboration in apps is brilliant. Although the iPads are a very personal device, we are seeking to become increasingly collaborative so these kind of apps should become more prevalent.

      The ‘I have who has’ concept is great – there are some amazing resources that can complement the interface3 apps such as the ‘I have who has’ books by RIC Publications.

      Definitely potential there!

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