How do we prepare our students for jobs that don’t exist? iPad Deployment cont’d

Why are people happier to lose their wallet rather than their iPhone or iPad? The iDevices are very personal devices. They allow one to completely personalise their device to their liking and in that it becomes part of them. A fraction of their soul if you will 🙂 Wallets are replaceable – money is replaceable – credit cards are replaceable but the iPad and the other iDevices are a representation of one’s self. I’d be devastated if I lost either but it would break my heart to lose my iPad!

Photo taken by MC Morgan

Welcome 2012 – Year of Exploration

The personal nature of the iPad has encouraged me to reflect on our iPad deployment at school and with the hardworking IT coordinator we have been able to secure a significant number of additional iPads at school. This increase will enable the upper grades to be at a 1:1 ratio of device to student. This increase will allow students to collaborate and connect to the content and each other with ease. The production of content and accessibility to powerful educational apps and user-friendly functions are all part of preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist. I’m not saying teachers and schools are career making factories but if we can prepare our students for what’s out there and what’s inevitably coming then we’ve done the right thing.

This year for me and my colleagues will be about exploring the true impact of the iPad in the classroom. We have a big task ahead but we are at ground zero of true leadership in the area. Our desire to use the iPad’s as learning enablers will soar by planning and embedding the use of the technology into our programs. As Tony Vincent concurs in his advice about Project Based Learning in Hand, he alerts us to mobile technology making great learning tools because they motivate students and lend themselves to student voice and choice (for elaboration on this watch his video here).

For updates on my school’s iPad deployment from the ground up, watch this space!



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