Next steps…MDM – iPad Deployment cont’d

It’s been a while since I blogged but with so much happening at school, it’s so hard to find the time.

I had school camp recently and this time away allowed me to reflect and brainstorm moves for the future. Along with the IT coordinator, we put our heads together and decided to explore an MDM (mobile device management server). The expansion of our project is increasing and we felt the need for something more professional and effective in managing our app distribution and profile configuration. We had a few meetings but one we were impressed with was ‘Casper’.

‘Casper’ offered us the option of managing:

  1. Inventory – all our devices and new devices coming into our deployment
  2. Configuration – profile configuration was important to manage in terms of settings, email, etc.
  3. Security – making sure we were accountable of all our devices
  4. App distribution – self service application and distribution

Some other questions we had to ask ourselves were:

What’s happening with volume licensing? How will it effect us and our app distribution? – at this stage we are still waiting for Apple to make decisions about volume licensing as it is all in limbo at the moment.

One other thing we need to create is an ‘Apple Push Notification Certificate’ (APN). This is imperative in order to set up and utilize Mobile Device Management (MDM).



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