Cutting the Cord – iPad Deployment cont’d

Well I am spent! The most taxing part of this whole process is the ongoing reading and it came to a point when I said, I need a night off from it all! So a few glasses of wine later I couldn’t help looking at my Twitter feed and discovering more about our deployment.

The most pressing issue for us at the moment is the iTunes Wifi Sync. I have upgraded all the devices to the new iOS 5 and have gone through the steps to enable wireless syncing but it still doesn’t seem to work.

These are the steps I took to enable wireless syncing: Plug in device>Check box ‘Sync iPad wirelessly’>Sync>Unplug>On device ‘Settings’>iTunes Wifi Sync>Sync Now

Technically (according to Apple support), it should all be functioning normally but I have attributed it not working to one or all of these things:

  • School’s wireless firewall or proxy preventing the sync
  • Too many devices wanting to sync at once
  • Numerous devices on the one account confusing the sync
  • iCloud is not activated and therefore cannot sync and push to the devices

As these constant questions arise, we are more and more inclined to looking for a Mobile Device Management Server. The costs involved are significant but it’ll come without the headaches. Not only is there a base fee but one must pay per device so the costs can mount up.

What is great to see is the teachers using the iPads in class. Some giving it to students as a reward, some mirroring their PC and controlling their smartboard wirelessly, some playing scrabble with their students, some reading the newspaper and summarising the articles, some creating comics and some just watching media. I strongly believe that the teachers need to have their own iPad to use, to create, to share work, to streamline their needs and to enhance their teaching. The possibilities are endless and the following blogger, like me, advocates for teacher’s having iPad’s in the classroom. Click here for the article by Jesse McLean.


5 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord – iPad Deployment cont’d

  1. A few things to consider about wireless….it seems convenient at first but you’ll find that in actuality it’s 10 times slower than wired syncing and uses up a lot of the networks wifi resources at once. This in itself makes mass wireless syncing impossible on some networks, which may be what’s happening in your case. For it to work in a business or school there would need to be a robust wifi network infrastructure in place. Do you have a wired sync station? If not I’d recommend looking into it because true wireless syncing for a multitude of iPads is far off. We use a few Datamation devices from and are really happy with them!

    • You’re absolutely right! Even with a fairly robust network, we still have trouble. Our charging/syncing cart is on its way and will help us in this area. The site you suggest is detailed but I’m curious about the costs. Cheers for the feedback!

      • From my experience the costs are less expensive than the Bretford solutions provided by Apple. For pricing, you fill out a request for information form under “contact us.” If theft prevention is a concern of yours, Datamation carts and cabinets are much more secure. Also, there are a lot of different options at (carts, cabinets, portable syncing devices). Good luck with the your charging/syncing cart!

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